Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Setting Google as your default search provider in IE9

A complete change of topic from my previous postings, but as I've just worked this out, I thought it might be useful for other people.  (I'm not sure why I bothered, as I mostly use Firefox anyway!).  This seems to affect people who aren't in the USA.

In IE9, go to Internet Options > General tab > Search section, > Settings.

Then, if Google isn't listed under search providers, (as it wasn't for me), click on "Find more search providers..."

This is where things got frustrating for me, because when I searched for Google in the 'Internet Explorer Gallery', Google UK would only come up as an accelerator, not a search provider.

In the top right hand corner of the screen, there is a location dropdown. For me it said UK & Ireland (English). Click on this and then change to United States (English).

Then click on 'Get add ons' (the screen will have changed) and search for search providers again, and Google will appear - this is the .com version.

You can now set this as your default search provider, though IE still had a couple of sneaky attempts at changing itself back to Bing.