Saturday, 22 August 2015

10 signs you're a bit too obsessed with Strava

Everyone loves some good stats, don't they? Or are you exhibiting signs your Strava  habit is getting out of hand?
  1. You buy a smartphone specially to be able to use it.
  2. You stop stock still faster than you can say 'musical statues' when your mate says 'I'm just going to put my jacket on', lest Strava misconstrue your stopping as slowing down.
  3. You nearly decide not to get the ferry across Windermere half way through a ride because you don't know what Strava will make of it. **
  4. You drop your phone at the end of a ride and then are depressed for the rest of the evening, not because you've broken your phone but because you've lost your Strava time for the ride. *
  5. You get grumpy because your neighbours are all faster than you (and you've checked this).
  6. You stand around for 10 minutes before a ride just to make sure your satellites are in alignment.
  7. You forget to stand around for 10 minutes before a ride just to make sure your satellites are in alignment and then sob when you find the recording hasn't kicked in until the top of the big hill at the start of the ride.
  8. You are elated when you get loads of Personal Records on a ride. Even though you've only cycled that route once before and it was a Force 8 gale.
  9. You run over old people, small children and won't stop for red lights because you're determined to move up from 10th to 9th place for people in your age bracket this year on a segment through the middle of town.***
  10. You obsess about all of this even though you're riding a shopping bike with a pannier rack, slowly...
*Might have happened to me.
** Might have happened to a friend. Honest.
*** Really? No. Of course not.

Ok, what other signs have I missed?


Cath Sullivan said...

11. You contemplate buying a new bike solely to improve your strava times.

I only *thought* about doing number 3 (although I have thought about it more than once).

You need to get a garmin so that you no longer need to do 1, 4 and 6.

12. Buying a garmin so you don't need to worry about 1, 4 and 6.

Annette Smith said...

@Cath - 11. Well yes, soooo true. I have no other justification!

Cath Sullivan said...

You don't need justification. The optimum number of bikes is n+1. :)